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Happy Pups + Happy Families = Happy Tails!
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In 2010, in cooperation with Prairiestorm Kennels, we bred Brandy to Merganser's Ferris Bueller MH WC. The
result was 8 beautiful brown babies. 2 puppies returned to live at Prairiestorm, and we kept one puppy
named "
Garbi" here to evaluate further. She produce a lovely litter for us and then moved into a new role as
a therapy dog at Baldy Hughes.  These puppies are very cooperative and love to please. They are athletic
dogs and we hope they will  live up to their amazing pedigree!
Owned by the Onufreychuks in Saskatoon
Owned by Duane & Janine in Prince George
Brandy X Bueller
Owned by Rod & Darla in Quesnel
Brandy X Bueller
Owned by Dan & Kate in Prince George
Brandy X Bueller
Owned by the Woodcock family in
Fort Nelson
Brandy X Bueller