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Happy Pups + Happy Families = Happy Tails!
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Owned by the Funks in
Surrey, BC
Owned by the
Santa Rosa,

Owned by the
Owned by the Martins in Coquitlam
In early 2011, we bred Kimber for the first time to our stud dog Ace, which produced 4  gorgeous babies. Our
little Kimber babies, which we knew as the "Golden Girls and Charlie", were only a couple of weeks old when
we lost our house in the flood. Thus began our remarkable adventure together, where our little babies kept
our spirits up and lived with us in our travel trailer while we got organized for the next stage in life. These
puppies have exceptional noses, are very sweet and affectionate, and are very easy on the eyes. Here they
Owned by the Calef family in Whitehorse
"Maggie Mae"
Owned by the Vareys in Nanoose Bay
Owned by the Douglas family in
"Cooey" ADC
Owned by Ellen & John in Ontario
Owned by Krista in Surrey
Late in 2012, we bred Kimber to Chester resulting in 9 wonderful little mischief makers. We called this our
Glee litter after the popular TV series. What a tremendously bright, attractive group of puppies who have
found themselves in wonderful homes where they will be pets, hunting dogs, and competitors. "Motzie" stayed
for headstart training and proved to be a very birdy, high drive retriever and has now been placed with a
family who will make the most of her hunting desire.
Owned by the Hayes family
in Prince Albert, SK
Owned by Susan and Alex
in North Vancouver
owned by Katie & Derek
currently in Headstart Training Program
"Say Dee" CD
Owned by the Stanleys in Alaska
With the success of our first Kimber x Chester breeding, we decided to repeat it and the resulting litter was
born on April 6th, 2014. This was our "How I Met Your Mother" litter after the popular sit com. 8 puppies were
born but sadly one female passed away in the first few days. The 7 puppies that we were left with were one
chocolate male, one chocolate female, 2 black females and 3 black males, are very bright, inquisitive
youngsters. They have now gone on to their new homes where they are sure to excel in training for agility,
hunting, hunt tests and as family companions.
Owned by the Whitfords in Langley

Owned by the Steve & Nikki in Alberta
Owned by the Pavlis family in Alberta
owned by
Jess and Karl
Prince George
Owned by the Jennifer & Andreas in
Owned by the Taylors in Rossland
Owned by the Brickhouse family in
On November 6th 2014, our last Kimber x Chester litter was born. 4 very large puppies were born but unfortunately
both males did not survive the difficult birth. Our remaining two beautiful females were dubbed "Laverne & Shirley"
and due to abundance of milk, Kimber also raised two of Spider's puppies who were born around the same time.  
These puppies were especially chubby and precocious and stole our hearts.