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Happy Pups + Happy Families = Happy Tails!
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In 2009, Lee was bred to Ruger. This litter was highly anticipated as it combined the last of the old
"Renegade" blood through Lee with our new superstar Ruger. 6 beautiful puppies were born on August 16th.
The puppies have grown to be the ideal Labrador - calm and pleasant in the house, athletic and energetic in
the field and ring. We kept a female puppy named
Verona for our breeding program and she may well be
the most intelligent dog I've ever met. Here are the rest of the puppies:
Owned by Susan & Henry in N. Saanich
Lee X Ruger
"Decker" (black puppy)
Owned by Wendy & Andy in Vancouver
Lee X Ruger
Owned by the Bodnars in Maple Ridge
Lee X Ruger
Owned by Lynsae & Dale in PG
Lee X Ruger
Owned by the Sawyers in Vancouver
Lee X Ruger
In 2010 we decided to repeat the successful Lee X Ruger breeding. One of the puppies was injured at 3
weeks and we kept him back through our Headstart program to ensure his injury had healed completely.
While the other 6 nintendo characters went to their homes at 8 weeks, Yoshi  waited until he was about 4
months old before joining his wonderful family in California, where he now competes in flyball and dock
diving. The others are gifted too, showing their talents as hunting dogs and competitors. We are planning to
have Shadow contribute to our breeding program in the future.
Owned by Breanna and Justin
Lee X Ruger
"Shadow" JH WC QFTR
Owned by the Vaughans in Maple Ridge
Lee X Ruger
Owned by the Dalby's in Regina
Lee X Ruger
Owned by Ron and Kelly in Pitt Meadows
Lee X Ruger
Owned by the Gauthiers in
Campbell River
(Lee X Ruger)
Owned by Cameron in Telkwa
Lee X Ruger
FDCH "Yoshi" TFE-1
Owned by Judy & Mike in California
Lee X Ruger