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Happy Pups + Happy Families = Happy Tails!
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Owned by the Mayers in
Coquitlam, BC

Owned by the Flegels
in Prince George, BC
In early 2012, we bred  Verona for the first time to our stud dog Ace - a breeding that we and others had
been anticipating for quite some time! On March 11th, 8 beautiful black babies were born- 4 males and 4
females whose puppy names came  from the theme `Big Bang Theory'. From this lot, our keeper puppy
Victor" was selected. The other puppies have gone on to wonderful homes where they will be trained for a
variety of roles including hunting, search and rescue, agility, obedience, hunt tests and dock diving. Keep
checking back for updates on this clever, athletic little dogs as their families provide regular news for us to
Owned by the Heybrocks in
"Spirit"- Ground SAR Validated

Owned by the Provosts in
Campbell River, BC
Owned by Jennifer in
Saskatoon, SK
"Dune" WC JH
Owned by the Smiths in
Vanscoy, SK
"Gage" CGC
Owned by Kathleen Wingard
in Nebraska
After the success of the first Verona x Ace litter we decided to repeat the pairing in 2013. Ultrasound
predicted a small litter but on May 23rd we were gratefully surprised by 7 healthy puppies- 6 girls and a boy.
The litter theme was "Games" and seems especially suitable since most of the puppies are future
competitors. Aside from "Ninja" who is currently staying for some extra training, the puppies have settled in to
their new homes in BC, Alberta, and the US. We look forward to hearing tales of their triumphs in future years!

Owned by the MacAfees in Kelowna
Owned by Dawn in Colorado

Owned by Linda and Randall in San
Owned by the Anthonys in Missouri

Owned by the Willis family
in Hagensborg, BC

owned by Ali and Paul in Victoria, BC
Owned by Cindy in Edmonton, AB
Born on June 19, 2014, our Verona x Chester litter was much anticipated and arrived with great excitement. 8
puppies - 2 chocolate females, a chocolate male, 3 black females and 2 black males - became known as our
"Trick Shot" litter. Although we hadn't originally planned to keep a puppy from this litter, one of the little black
girls was irresistable and
Viper has decided to stay at Eromit permanently. Currenlty, Stanley is also still here
enrolled in our puppy headstart program, and the other 6 have gone on to homes where they will be trained
for agility, flyball, obedience, rally, Search and Rescue, and as hunting & family dogs.
Owned by the Rogers in Washington
Owned by Michael & Tara
in Surrey, BC
Owned by Janet in Nanaimo, BC
Owned by Barry in Edmonton
"Stanley" JH
Owned by Caitlin & Jarett
in Maple Ridge, BC
Owned by the Smiths
in Sherwood Park, AB
Owned by Crystal in Virginia