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English Kennels
Racing Alaskan Huskies
Our kennel is comprised of some of the finest Alaskan Huskies and Eurohounds available on the sprint
circuit - both from our own breedings and from the top kennels in North America.  View a complete listing of
our dogs, with pedigrees and photos.
Kennel Closeout Sale:

All dogs are currently for sale. All are pictured
here with pedigree information.

*** All dogs are currently in training and are fit &
healthy! ***

Please contact Harris for details and pricing.

306- 747-2425 (home)
306-747-7791 (cell)

Sprint (

Dixie (

Not Pictured:

Sprint X Remington - 5 Pups
born Jan 29, 2010

Dixie X Taxi - 2 Pups born Feb
9th, 2010