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Health Insurance

Health insurance helps to provide for unexpected injury or illness.  People often ask what type of
puppy health insurance I recommend. Included with your purchase you will receive 6 weeks free
of puppy health insurance from Pet Secure insurance (as long as you are a Canadian puppy buyer  
-sorry, it's not available to Americans at this time.) Both Canadian & American puppy buyers will
also have the opportunity to sign up for 30 days of free health insurance from Trupanion. From my
perspective, health insurance for a large number of dogs is not economical - we have savings set
aside for emergencies.

However, with one or two dogs, you may be able to find a plan that is both affordable and useful.
To determine if the pet insurance you are examining is a good deal, it is important to what exactly
is covered. Be sure to ask plenty of questions prior to enrolling, such as

- what is the monthly fee?
- is there an 'enrollment charge'?
- how much is the deductable?
- what is the maximum amount claimable, and is it per year, per dog, or per illness?
- are their certain illnesses/problems that are not covered?
- what is the maximum annual coverage?

There are several pet health insurance companies on the market, and they all differ slightly. At
this time, we recommend TRUPANION pet insurance based on the reviews of our vet and puppy
parents. Puppy buyers, please click the banner at the top of this page to activate your free trial
(the trial policy number is on the top right corner of the certificate you received). You can contact
Trupanion at any time during your trial to continue your puppy's coverage.
(Puppy Buyers- Activate your Trupanion health insurance trial by clicking the banner above)