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Supply Checklist
Food and Water Dishes - stainless steel or ceramic dishes are best. Bowls with
a flat bottom are suggested to prevent spills. Plastic dishes can be eaten and
have also been found to release chemicals into your dog's food and water.
These toxins may also cause your yellow lab's nose to fade in color.

Crate - We like the Petmate Petporter because it is rugged, airline approved
and available just about everywhere (Walmart has the best price). The large
blue size fits most adult labs, but the extra-large green size is even roomier. Go
ahead and get the large/XL size crate now - you can always partition it off to
make it smaller for your puppy, but your little one will outgrow a smaller sized
crate very quickly! If you will be attending trials or camping,  you may like the
portability of a folding wire or fabric crate as well.

Bedding - Where will your puppy sleep? In his crate. Make it comfy by adding
an easy-to-wash crate pad. You may also want to get a dog bed or pillow so he
has some where to rest when he is not in his crate. *Costco carries great big
round dog and square dog beds. **

Chew Toys- Your puppy will be teething until he is 6 or 7 months old, and will
need something to chew on to ease the pain. We prefer using food items or toys
that hold food for chewing purposes, because it helps to eliminate the confusion
between what's edible, and what's not. Antlers are the most long-lasting types of
chews available. Bully sticks, Rawhide or real uncooked bones, Nylabones, Busy
Buddies, and Kongs are also great chewing items. (We carry a variety of durable
chew toys & chewy bones.)

Play Toys - Get your puppy used to fetching all sorts of things. Almost anything
will make a good play toy but remember not to leave your puppy unattended with
toys he is not allowed to chew (it can be dangerous and forms bad habits too).
Stuffed toys, rope toys, giggle balls, spinmeister, tug-toss-&-tumble - there are
all kinds of great toys to test out - we have a pretty good assortment.

Retriever Training Items - You are going to want to encourage your puppy to
retrieve, whether you are a hunter, dog sport enthusiast, or just hoping to raise a
fine pet. Dummies, Dead fowl trainers, or dumbells - the options are endless.
*We sell retriever training dummies and deadfowl trainers in a variety of sizes!
We also have starter kits!*

Collar & Leash- Your puppy will be sent home with a baby-sized flat collar and
matching leash. You will need to get larger collars as he grows, and you may
want to invest in a long line  (or "check-cord") for training purposes. *We carry
Lupine collars, leashes and Long-lines in a variety of colors and patterns - they
are the BEST and guaranteed for life even if your dog chews them up!*

Training Collar - A martingale should suffice for training purposes, although
most puppies do just fine with a normal flat collar. We do not recommend choke
or pinch collars for puppy training.

Food - You will receive a small starter bag of  puppy food with your puppy
package, which will last you about 3 days. You should inquire to find out what
type of food your puppy is eating so that you can have a bag on hand at home.  
For more information on your puppy's nutrition, view the
'Feeding' guide.

Training Treats - You will want to keep a good supply of these on hand! We
have some awesome tiny semi-moist puppy treats for sale, but also have used
cat treats which are great, tasty and small.

Brush - We like to use a rubber brush (Zoom Groom) for regular brushing and
training a puppy to enjoy grooming,  but the Furminator is a must have! (If you
get only one grooming tool, it should be a Furminator brush!)  Labs are hairy
beasts but if you have a Furminator deshedding tool, you can prevent a LOT of
sweeping! I can't recommend this thing enough. These things are very pricey
(and often sold out!)  at specialty pet stores, but we carry them at a more
reasonable price exclusively for our puppy buyers.

Nail Clippers - Any style  with a clip regulator to prevent trimming too much is
recommended. *I have found a great pro-quality clipper that I now keep stocked!*

Shampoo - Baby shampoo is great - gentle on the coat, and easy on the eyes!  
We also now have a baby puppy shampoo which is also 'tearless' and easy on a
puppy's coat.

Clicker - A tool for the modern trainer! Clicker training is a great way to train
your puppy in a force-free manner. *We carry clickers*

Books or Videos - At least one good health care and one good training book is
recommended. Talk to Erin about our latest recommendations.

Poop Scooper Unit - available at any pet store.

Poop Bags - for when you are out walking or travelling with your pup.  I like to
keep a poop bag holder attached to my leash.

First Aid Kit - A human type first aid kit will work, but there are pet first aid kits
on the market too.

Camera - Don't forget to take lots of puppy pictures - they grow up so fast!

Secure Outdoor Area - This is very important. Your yard must be securely
fenced with at least a 4 foot high fence. If fencing is not an option, think about
getting a dog run. Costco has awesome 10 x 10 foot runs for sale that come with
a nice roof and shade screen.  Even if you live on a large farm or acreage, a
secured area must be provided because Labs are very prone to wandering!
Don't forget an insulated dog house.

Accessories - There is almost no limit to the number and type of items you can
get for your puppy or dog these days. Above are considered the must-have
items - visit your our
supply store for the best prices on most items, or check out
the links below.
Here you will find a checklist of things you will want to have
on hand prior to baby's arrival.

Raising a puppy is like raising a human child - everyone you
talk to will have a different opinion on how you should do it,
and what sort of supplies are best. Below are our
recommendations based on years of trying it all -this is what
we have found to work best for our Labs but you will find
many variations and alternatives out there to try. Happy